“The rocket science proved to be too recondite for some of the fledgling scientists.”

According to what’s shown above, what is the best definition of recondite?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Boring or difficult to pay attention to
Choice B - Obscure or difficult to understand
Choice C - Challenging but engaging in content
Choice D - Enlightening or life altering


Recondite (adjective) – difficult or impossible for an average mind to understand; obscure or known by very few people; or, concealed from sight

GRE pro tips:

You’ve probably heard the saying, “It’s not rocket science!,” meaning that it’s not that hard to understand. Well, if the opposite is true – if something is very difficult to understand, or wrap your head around (as is actual rocket science) then it’s recondite.

The adjective can actually take on a few meanings: As with rocket science, it can refer to things that are hard to grasp or understand; or else, it can describe things that are obscure and little known – such as the origin of the word recondite! (It’s from the Latin reconditus.) Less commonly, recondite can mean concealed or hidden from view, as in the case of a recondite resort that only the “elite” know about. It may be helpful to keep track of all these meanings my remembering the following: Something that is recondite is hard to recognize, whether that’s because it’s complex, obscure, or even hard to see!

Example sentences:

“The recondite theory is only fully understood by a select few theoretical physicists.”

“She tried to impress the group by reciting some recondite facts, but it was clear that no one else was intrigued.”

“The location of the recondite resort is exclusively known to celebrities and other LA elite.”