“The tiger enjoyed several years of preeminence in the world of golf.”

What is the best definition of preeminence?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Competitiveness with others
Choice B - Superiority above others
Choice C - Royalty or rule over others
Choice D - Bliss in the presence of another


Preeminence (noun) – state of being distinguished over all others; superiority 

Preeminent (adjective) – distinguished over all others; superior

GRE pro tips:

You’ve probably heard kings and queens in movies referred to as “your eminence.” In fact, historically, the title was used to address people of high nobility and the term is still used today to address Cardinals in the Catholic Church. This is because eminence means distinction and prominence and may be used in reference to several arenas where such distinction is possible, including sports, politics, science, or popular culture.

 When you add the prefix, pre- (“foremost”), to the word eminent, you arrive at the meaning of preeminent: of foremost of distinction or prominence. When someone or some entity is said to be preeminent, they have become distinguished beyond all others. In the nineties, for instance, Michael Jordan was the preeminent star of the NBA. And the North Star is preeminent star in the night sky.  

Example sentences:

“The unrelenting expansion of the Chinese economy threatens the preeminence of the United States as the world’s economic superpower.” 

“Many consider Albert Einstein to be the preeminent physicist of the early twentieth century.”