“It’s possible that the elixir has some healing properties, but I seriously doubt that it’s a panacea.”

Based on the information above, select the best definition of panacea.

Check your answer!

Choice A - A remedy for all illnesses or conditions
Choice B - A potion containing healing properties
Choice C - A solution to life’s most puzzling questions
Choice D - A magical potion promising eternal life


Panacea (noun) – a “cure-all;” a remedy for all illnesses; or, a solution for all difficulties

GRE pro tips:

You’ve likely seen several words with the root pan before. Pan is Greek for “all” or “whole.” For example, a panorama is a photo of the whole view, and a pandemic is an outbreak infecting an entire population. Considering that the Greek root akos also means “cure” or remedy, it makes sense that a panacea is a cure-all for every ailment or condition.

Example sentences:

“His grandmother still believed in the curing power of Vitamin C, but she no longer considered it a panacea.”

“Many believe that money is the panacea for all of life’s difficulties, but no amount of cash can purchase happiness.”