“Upon checking into their room, they quickly realized that ‘Grand Hotel’ was a misnomer!”

Based on what is shown above, what is the best definition of misnomer?

Check your answer!

Choice A - A name or title that is wrong or inaccurate
Choice B - A plan to deceive customers with false advertising
Choice C - A misunderstanding based on false information
Choice D - Really terrible sleeping accommodations


Misnomer (noun) – a name or title that is wrong or inaccurate in some way; or, a term not suited to what it refers to; also, the act of using of such a name

GRE pro tips:

Knowing the roots of the word misnomer helps illuminate its meaning. The Latin root  nomer means “to nominate” or “to name” and the prefix mis- means “bad” or “wrong.” Accordingly, a misnomer refers to something that has been named wrongly or inappropriately. But probably the best way to understand it fully is through examples. You know these common misnomers as they’ve become standard terms: the funny bone is a nerve—not a bone—and the koala bear is a marsupial—not a bear. And, if you reserved a room at a place called the “Grand Hotel,” then arrived to find a rundown motel in a sketchy neighborhood, you’d know that the hotel’s name is also a misnomer—there is nothing grand about it!

Example sentences:

“As he looked around the deck at the many elderly couples holding hands, he realized the term, ‘singles cruise,’ was a misnomer.”

“Calling this three-volume collection ‘Complete Works’ is a misnomer as it contains but a fraction of the author’s work.”