“She trembled at the malediction that came from the creature’s mouth.”

According to what’s shown above, what is the best definition of malediction?

Check your answer!

Choice A - The misuse of a word that sounds like another word
Choice B - A swear word or an inappropriate remark
Choice C - A curse or evil statement directed at someone
Choice D - A song that contains malevolent undertones


Malediction (noun) an evil statement directed at someone; the utterance of a curse

Maledictory (adjective) – invoking evil, particularly in the form of a curse

Maledictive (adjective) – invoking evil, marked by cursing

GRE pro tips:

The Latin root male means “bad” or “evil” – it is the opposite of the Latin root bene, which means “good.” Some words derived from male include malevolent, which means mean-hearted and hateful, and malignant, which means caustic or deadly. Similarly, malediction literally means “evil diction,” or evil words, i.e. a curse or hateful statement. It is the opposite of benediction, which refers to the expression of good words, i.e. a blessing or prayer.

Example sentences:

“With her dying breath, the evil queen pronounced a malediction upon all of her descendants.”

“Unlike the benedictions that characterized his youthful speeches, his later oratory was marked by slander and maledictions.”