“She was plagued by an inexplicable malaise, and seeing her friends enjoying themselves on social media seemed to make it worse.”

What is the best definition of malaise?

Check your answer!

Choice A - A general feeling of discomfort or unease
Choice B - Anxiety that is brought on by circumstance
Choice C - Hateful feelings directed towards other people
Choice D - Faked or feigned illness done for attention


Malaise (noun) – a general feeling of physical or mental discomfort or unease

GRE pro tips:

Malaise is derived from the Latin room mal meaning “bad” or “ill” and the French word aise meaning “ease.” Accordingly, malaise literally means ill-ease. It can refer to a general feeling of physical discomfort – one you probably get when you’re “coming down” with an illness. However, it can also refer to a general air of mental or emotional unease. In either case, someone experiencing malaise may feel so blah that they feel like they could melt into the ground.

Example sentences:

“He could tell from his malaise that the flu was coming on.”

“She was afflicted by the modern malaise associated with social media and a fear of missing out.”