“The lion – the king of the jungle – was lionized by all the other beasts.”

As used above, what is the best definition of lionize?

Check your answer!

Choice A - To treat someone like they’re uncivilized
Choice B - To treat someone like a celebrity
Choice C - To show wrath toward another person
Choice D - To enact a sacred ritual or ceremony


Lionize (verb) – to treat like a celebrity or to glorify someone

Lionization (noun) – the act of treating someone as if they are a celebrity or of great importance

GRE pro tips:

To remember the word lionize, it helps to consider (1) a literal lion, and (2) what it  means to call someone a (figurative) lion. The lion – the literal beast – is the king of the jungle: he is stately, royal, and glorified above all other creatures. In a figurative sense, the term literary lion refers to a great and widely-acclaimed writer. Likewise, the term, a “lion among men,” refers to a great and widely-glorified individual. And like such “lions,” anyone who is glorified or treated as a celebrity is said to be lionized.

Remember, to lionize is to make into or treat like a lion.

Example sentences:

“Many great writers were ignored during their lifetime only to be lionized after death.”

“Todd thinks we should lionize all soldiers who risk their lives for their country.”