👋 Hi, I’m Alicia!

I’m the creator of this site and want to share a little about myself: I have been creating high quality materials for graduate entrance exams since 2016 and am passionate about helping students learn more effectively (and in more interesting ways!). I scored a 170 on the verbal section of the GRE and in the 99th percentile on several other graduate entrance exams, and I approach tests like this using tactical strategies that I enjoy sharing with students like you. With my background in science and medicine, as well as the humanities, I approach new material in creative, smart, and interesting ways that can help you make the mental connections that will help you learn.

Why did I start this?

Studies have shown that (1) daily preparation over a long period of time results in higher test scores; and, that (2) dual processing of information – by, for example, looking at a picture AND reading text – is the best way to learn something new. So, I’ve created an interactive vocabulary tool with the following goals in mind: to engage you through fun daily quizzes and to illuminate challenging words using both illustration and text. I believe that these memorable picture quizzes, paired with our GRE pro tips, makes this the most effective way for you to learn these words. And ultimately, I want this experience to help you optimize your GRE score and strengthen your graduate school applications.

How I’m helping you prepare

For the Word of the Day, I’m hand selecting from the most challenging words that are most likely to appear on the GRE. With my team of test prep professionals and expert illustration, I am carefully creating memorable images that bring each word to life. (These same images appear with example sentences in our daily picture quizzes.) Plus, I am sharing my insights into how to “make sense of” and remember each word.

When approaching unfamiliar words, I use common word roots or similar words to help “decipher” their meaning, and I use the same devices (as well as clever mnemonics) to make sense of and remember new words. Accordingly, I’m crafting each explanation to include things like: roots that you should recognize, connections to related words that you may know, and original mnemonic devices. Of course, I always keep in mind the ways these words most commonly appear on the GRE.

Send me a message

If you need help with anything GRE-related, you can contact me using the green message icon at the bottom-right of your screen, or send me an email at gre@teambootcamp.com.