April 2, 2020

“After experiencing much vexation at work, it was time for a vacation.”

What is the best definition of vexation?

Check your answer!

Choice A - The state of being highly profitable
Choice B - The experience of stress and affliction
Choice C - The state of being relaxed and rejuvenated
Choice D - The action of delivering unwanted harassment


Vexation (noun) – state of being extremely annoyed, afflicted, or stressed

Vex (verb) – to cause annoyance, affliction, stress, or worry

Vexatious (adjective) – very annoying, afflicting, stressful, or worrying

GRE pro tips:

Vexation sounds a lot like the word vacation, but their meanings couldn’t be more different. Whereas someone on vacation is relaxed and carefree, someone experiencing “vexation” is stressed and overwhelmed. For instance, an office worker who is “vexed” may feel tired and afflicted – even annoyed – at being constantly busy. However, it’s not only work that people may find “vexatious;” anything that annoys or bothers us to a great degree can be said to vex us. A babysitter, for example, may become vexed by a child who won’t stop screaming; or, a student may be vexed by the difficulty of their organic chemistry course.

Just remember, if you “need a vacation,” you are likely suffering from vexation.  

Example sentences:

“Each successive time the solution was explained, the student became more and more vexed by his inability to understand it.”

“Having grown up in a wealthy family, Alice found her current financial situation to be absolutely vexatious.”

“The inspector’s repetitive and redundant questioning was beginning to vex the suspect, in spite of his innocence.”  

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