“Because of his long history of veracity, the candidate could be trusted to speak candidly during the midterm debate. Unfortunately, his opponent had the mendacity to bend every agreed upon rule.”

According to the information presented above, what is the best definition of veracity?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Unwillingness to tell lies or to conceal truths
Choice B - Predisposition to lying or to twisting the truth
Choice C - Aversion to being candid and forthright
Choice D - Tendency to be blunt and off-putting


Veracity (noun) – accordance with truth or with facts; truthfulness; a refusal to tell lies

Veracious (adjective) – marked by truth; credible

GRE pro tips:

Many common words come from the Latin root ver, an abbreviated version of veritas, meaning “truth.” You are certainly familiar with words such as verdict, meaning conclusion of “truth,” as determined by a jury, as well as verify, meaning to confirm something as true. Likewise, veracity stems from veritas and the suffix –ity, denoting “the state or condition of.” Accordingly, the word veracity means the condition of being truthful, or truthfulness. It is the opposite of the word mendacity, which means untruthfulness (mendax in Latin is “false.”).

Example sentences:

“Because of the judge’s long record of veracity, most people take her word for it.”

“The teacher doubted the veracity of his student’s claim that the dog ate her homework.”