“You used to be able to catch an Uber in select cities, but now it seems like Ubers are ubiquitous!”

As used above, what is the best definition of ubiquitous?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Available in limited quantity
Choice B - Highly convenient and affordable
Choice C - Present everywhere at once
Choice D - In vogue as a means of transportation


Ubiquitous (adjective) – being everywhere, especially all at once

Ubiquity (noun) – the state or condition of being everywhere and all at once

GRE pro tips:

You know that feeling when you start noticing something everywhere and all of the time? Maybe it’s a pop song you keep hearing or some YouTube video you can’t escape—when that happens, it means something is ubiquitous. Ubiquitous is derived from ubique, the Latin word for “everywhere.” So, it makes sense that ubiquitous means being everywhere; however, today, the meaning goes beyond that to denote everywhere all at once.

So you don’t forget the definition, remember ubiquitous Ubers! A few years ago, Uber was only a service available in several major cities. But with time, the service becomes more and more ubiquitous – everywhere you go, you can find one, and everyone uses it. 

Example sentences:

“It’s hard to say if this is a one-time novelty or an innovation that will be ubiquitous in a few years.”

“Wearing a helmet while riding a bike is ubiquitous today but, only a few decades ago, you wouldn’t have seen anyone wearing one.”