“His tepid approach to the subject matter made it difficult for the audience to engage with him.”

According to the picture and sentence, what is the best definition of tepid?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Cold, or characterized by a coolness or an aloof nature
Choice B - Lukewarm, or having a lack of passion or conviction
Choice C - Warm, or characterized by a welcoming or nurturing quality
Choice D - Steamy, or having an erotic or spicy nature


Tepid (adjective) – neither hot nor cold but lukewarm in temperature; or, characterized by a lack of enthusiasm, passion, or conviction

Tepidity (noun) – the state of being lukewarm or dull (lacking enthusiasm, passion, or conviction)

GRE pro tips:

You’ve likely heard “tepid” in reference to water (or another beverage) that is neither hot nor cold but is just lukewarm. Similarly, tepid can be used to describe a person, attitude, or response that is just lukewarm – for instance, lacking in strong convictions (on either side of an issue) or otherwise lacking in passion or enthusiasm. For example, if a critical review is tepid, it is neither scathing nor laudatory; or, poetry that is said to be tepid is lacking in zest and flavor. Whether pertaining to liquids or anything else, “tepid” is not extreme, but in its un-extremeness, it is generally dull and dissatisfying.

Example sentences:

“Unfortunately, the reviews of the play were tepid at best.”

“Her tepid response to the marriage proposal made him seriously question their future life together.”