“Michelle embraced a tawdry lifestyle and loved reading the tawdry tales of others in the tabloids.”

What is the best definition of tawdry?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Lacking in discernment, intelligence, or logic
Choice B - Neat in appearance and manner
Choice C - Attention seeking or histrionic
Choice D - In poor taste aesthetically and morally


Tawdry (adjective) – cheap, flashy, and even trashy; sleazy and in poor taste (aesthetically and morally)

GRE pro tips:

There’s no getting around it, tawdry things are just plain tacky. The GRE word tawdry means cheap, trashy, or tasteless. It can be used to describe all sorts of things from decor, clothing, and media to people, actions, or events. Tawdry things tend to call attention to themselves – they are loud, flashy and in poor taste: aesthetically and/or morally. You can find plenty of tawdry items at garage sales. Say, for instance, you found a revealing vintage negligee and wore it to class, both your attire and the act itself would be tawdry. Tawdry things often have a twinge of seediness, scandal, and immorality – the kind of thing you read about in the tabloids.

Maybe you can recall that tabloids traffic in the tawdry – all things trashy and tasteless.

Example sentences:

“The couples’ recent portrait of domestic bliss follows decades of tabloid-fueled sagas of marital misery, tawdry infidelities, and more than one divorce.”

“My boss was not pleased when I showed up at work wearing the same admittedly tawdry outfit that I’d worn out dancing the night before.”