“Nothing we did or said affected his stolid disposition.”

What is the best definition of stolid?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Hardworking and diligent
Choice B - Expressionless and immovable
Choice C - Firm and stable in form
Choice D - Practical or utilitarian in function


Stolid (adjective) – exhibiting little emotion; or, not easily aroused or excited  

Stolidity (noun) – the state of lacking emotion or lacking the expression of emotion   

GRE pro tips:

The GRE word stolid rhymes with solid and their meanings have a few things in common. Consider the phrase “solid as a rock,” which refers to something very dense and heavy such that it cannot be moved. Similarly, someone who is stolid is not easily moved by emotion. Stolid people are not the excitable type – they are not easy to fluster or get a rise out of. The term can have a more negative connotation, suggesting an expressionless, even vacant, nature. But it can also be used in a more positive sense to suggest that a stolid person, in their predictability, exudes a calmness and dependability.

To remember this word, think of an immovable and emotionless boulder – it is both solid as a rock and stolid as a rock.  

Example sentences:

“No matter how absurd our requests, the butler fulfilled them with same stolid look on his face.”

“The so-called Beefeaters who guard the Tower of London are famously stolid; tourists routinely engage in ridiculous antics in an effort to make one of them laugh, or simply smile.”

“Even when all around him was in pandemonium, the CEO remained stolid.”