“While cramming for his final, he redoubled his efforts to stay awake by redoubling his ordering of double espressos.”

What is the best definition of redouble?

Check your answer!

Choice A - To repeat the same action
Choice B - To criss-cross the same terrain
Choice C - To make stronger or more intense
Choice D - To make another or to duplicate


Redouble (verb) – to double something again; or, to make something greater: to strengthen, intensify, or make bigger

GRE pro tips:

You already know that when you double something, you increase its size or amount two-fold. And, given that the Latin prefix re- means “again” or “anew,” it makes sense that the verb redouble can literally mean to double again – or make it twice as big again, after it’s already been doubled. In modern usage, however, the term has evolved; it is typically used in a broader sense to mean increase or strengthen: in magnitude, extent, or intensity.

A company interested in retaining female staffers, for instance, might redouble – or step-up – its existing efforts to cut down on sexual harassment in the workplace. Likewise, a candidate in a tight race might redouble – or increase – his advertising efforts to reach more voters. And, if you want to do better on the GRE, you could redouble your efforts at studying vocab.

Example sentences:

“This string of burglaries will likely redouble the wariness of the community and baffle investigators for some time.”

“It was such a tight race that the candidates redoubled their advertising efforts to reach more prospective voters.”