“She couldn’t think of a place possessing more profundity, where she could read the verse of great profundity.”

What is the best definition of profundity?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Vastness, depth, and intensity
Choice B - A state of enchantment or bemusement
Choice C - An admission of wrongdoing
Choice D - A moment of clarity, or an awakening


Profundity (noun) – the quality of being profound or having depth or intensity – pertaining to emotion, knowledge, insights, or (less often) a physical property; vastness or intensity; or, a statement or observation with depth or wisdom

GRE pro tips:

Profundity is the noun form of the more common word profound. Profound, as an adjective, is used to describe a wide variety of things that have depth or are serious – things like deep or profound emotions, vast (or profound) brain damage, or, perhaps, an intellectually intense (or profound) statement. So, it makes sense that the term profundity has related meanings: it can refer to the quality of having depth of emotion or intellect; or, it can refer more broadly to the quality of vastness, intensity, or limitlessness; lastly, it can refer to a deep statement or insight itself.

Example sentences:

“It’s hard to match the profundity of Shakespeare.”

“His doctor noted the profundity of his hearing loss; he would likely never hear again.”

“Lighting a match was insufficient to impact the profundity of the darkness.”  

“Her speech gave us much to ponder – it delivered profundity after profundity.”