“My wife is often the life of the cocktail party, but her new green feathered spectator catapulted her to a new level of panache.”

As used above, what is the best definition of panache?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Eccentricity in attire or clothing
Choice B - Being bold or blunt, without shame
Choice C - Flamboyant, self-assured style or behavior
Choice D - Exhibiting embarrassing or shameful behavior


Panache (noun) – a distinctive, self-assured style and behavior characterized by flair and flamboyance

GRE pro tips:

Historically, in both French and English, the term panache specifically referred to the flamboyant tuft of feathers atop a hat or helmet. Today, panache has evolved to refer more generally to the overall dashing style and impact that characterizes someone with the swagger to pull off such a bold look. Someone who possesses panache has a stylish flair and self-assuredness and may live life enthusiastically or with a flourish. For example, they might adorn themselves with a feathered headdress or host a Great Gatsby-themed party. Remember that someone with panache has dash.

Example sentences:

“Her training as a ballet dancer made her stand out from the rest of the cast, as she moved across the stage with confidence and panache.”  

“Largely because his writing possessed the panache of a more-seasoned author, his first novel surprised readers and critics alike.”