“Mike dominated the contest; he outstripped his competition by far.”

What is the best definition of outstrip?

Check your answer!

Choice A - To set or establish a new limit
Choice B - To remove or withdraw from
Choice C - To bare or expose someone
Choice D - To exceed or surpass in degree


Outstrip (verb) – to surpass or excel beyond; to go further or become greater than

GRE pro tips:

Let’s get this out of the way up front: outstripping has nothing to do with undressing. But, instead, it has to do with outperforming. In Middle English, the verb “strip” meant “to move quickly,” so to outstrip literally meant to “pass in running.” Today, however, the term is used more broadly meaning to excel or surpass in anything. For instance, when you outstrip your rivals, you exceed or outpace them. When demand outstrips supply, it becomes greater than the supply (in which case, prices will likely outstrip prior records).

And, yes, if a stripper were to win a pole-dancing contest, it would be accurate to say he outstripped the competition – if he outperformed them.

Example sentences:

“While still a teen, the violin prodigy outstripped her teacher’s musical abilities.”

“For decades, experts have claimed that the skill demands of contemporary jobs have outstripped the skills that workers possess.”