“As kids, we were convinced that our mom was omniscient.”

What is the best definition of omniscient?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Having an inner guidance to morality
Choice B - Being present everywhere at once
Choice C - Possessing an infinite knowledge of things
Choice D - Having a deep knowledge of the sciences


Omniscient (adjective) – having universal knowledge and insight into all things; or, having infinite wisdom  

Omniscience (noun) – the quality of having knowledge and understanding of all things; or, the quality of infinite wisdom

GRE pro tips:

The meaning of the word omniscient can be deciphered by taking apart its roots. Maybe you know that the Latin word omni means “all,” as in omnipotent and omnipresent. If you take away omni, you’re left with what looks almost like “science.” Science comes from a Latin word meaning “to know.” So, you can safely assume that omniscient indicates having knowledge of all things, or having insight and understanding of everything. Obviously, few humans possess such a knowledge; however, the term may be used more loosely to refer to someone with infinite wisdom who seemingly knows everything. 

Example sentences:

“The benefit of having an omniscient narrator is that you can really get inside the head of each character.”

“Marked by a sort of digital omniscience, Google provides answers to all human questions.”