“What is modish today may be hopelessly out of style tomorrow.”

What is the best definition of modish?

Check your answer!

Choice A - In the manner of the moment
Choice B - According to established conventions
Choice C - Almost but not quite realized
Choice D - Similar in style and design


Modish (adjective) – fashionable and of-the-moment (in design, style, trends, or ideas)

GRE pro tips:

The word modish sounds similar to the more common word model. And what do models typically wear? The latest fashions, of course. Something that is modish is in fashion or characteristic of the moment. In fact, mode means “fashion” in French.  

But modish does not simply refer to stylish clothing, it can also be used more broadly to describe other up-to-the-minute and trendy things. For instance, much design can be modish: tail fins on cars, for example, were modish during the 1950s. Ideas can be modish, too, by embodying the spirit of the times: populist and socialist philosophy, for example, are both currently modish ideologies (at least within academic discourse). And that impossible-to-get dinner reservation? The reason you can’t get a table is because the restaurant is so modish – perhaps filled with chic models looking impossibly modish.  

Example sentences:

“My history professor strongly disagreed with what he saw as our modish contempt for the past and obsession with the sensation of the present.”

“Wearing a modish pair of purple polka-dotted socks, he felt glorious on the first day of work at his new job.”

“Her delivery was fiery; however, her ideas were not original, but rather modish and rehashed.”