“Be careful! Lurid things will lure you in.”

According to what’s shown above, what is the best definition of lurid?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Humorous or otherwise highly entertaining
Choice B - Vivid in color, or graphic or gruesome in detail
Choice C - Glaringly obvious, or something in plain sight
Choice D - Sneaky or backhanded in behavior and approach


Lurid (adjective) – glaringly vivid in color or graphic in detail to cause shock and intrigue; or, gruesome in nature  

GRE pro tips:

The word lurid sounds similar to the more common word “lure.” Have you ever walked by a newsstand and felt yourself lured in by a sensationalistic headline about a deadly fire or plane crash? Or, driven by a car accident and just couldn’t take your eyes away? Something lurid has that effect on people—it draws them in. They may be attracted to lurid things because they are shocking, gruesome, or disturbing. That’s also why people use the expression, “spare me the lurid details;” they want to avoid having such vivid images and graphic scenes enter their imagination. Perhaps you can remember this word by thinking of the lure of an especially lurid headline—then try to put it out of mind, for good!

Example sentences:

“Her work was controversial by design, but the lurid images in her latest art installation bordered on the obscene.”  

“Dom was a self-styled bad boy who delighted in sharing and (in most cases) exaggerating lurid tales of his alleged exploits on the dark side.”