“Following the affair, she jettisoned his belongings from their private jet.”

As used in the sentence above, what is the best definition of jettison?

Check your answer!

Choice A - To fly through the air
Choice B - To cast off or get rid of
Choice C - To lighten to load of
Choice D - To exact revenge on someone


Jettison (verb) –  to get rid of something that is unwanted or unneeded; or, to throw something off of an aircraft or vessel to lighten the load

Jettison (noun) – the act of jettisoning

GRE pro tips:

You can remember the word jettison because it literally means to throw something overboard, or off of an aircraft – for instance, throwing something off a jet, in order to lighten the load. The verb likely comes from the Middle English noun jettison, which was the act of throwing something overboard, and ultimately from the Latin jactare, “to throw.” Today, jettison applies more broadly (and as a noun or verb) to the action of casting things out, particularly things that are extraneous or undesirable; for instance, you may jettison old clothes that are cluttering your closet, or you may jettison beliefs or notions that no longer hold weight.

Example sentences:

“She was told to jettison her idealistic notions of what life would be.”

“My sacred journals were NOT to be jettisoned during our annual spring cleaning.”