“Clearly, Ted was the more industrious of the two builders. He was able to complete the construction of his building in a quarter of the time it took Randolph’s team.”

According to what’s shown above, what is the best definition of industrious?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Level-headed and easy to cooperate with
Choice B - Meticulous to the point of being perfectionistic
Choice C - Consistently hardworking and diligent
Choice D - Highly skilled at building fine things


Industrious (adjective) – consistently hard-working; diligent

Industriousness (noun) – the act of being industrious

Industry (noun) – manufacturing as a whole; a group of companies or manufacturers; or, diligence at one’s work

GRE pro tips:

Even if you’re not totally clear about the meaning of “industrious,” you are probably familiar with the word “industry.” Industry can refer to manufacturing, in general, or to a specific set/sector of companies or manufacturers; for example, the technology industry, or the transportation industry, or the retail industry. Just like an industry must be productive (in fact, it is defined by what it produces), an industrious person (or a person with industry) is a very productive person. The type of person you would refer to as “industrious” is one that is consistently diligent, hardworking, and efficient, and is often able to accomplish much in a relatively short amount of time.

Example sentences:

“When I doubted his ability to complete all of the assignments, I severely underestimated his industriousness.”

“Because of her industrious nature, she quickly rose through the ranks of her new company.”