“The young doctor was smart and well trained, but his behavior was too indecorous for many of the other medical residents and attending physicians.”

What is the best definition of indecorous?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Overtly rude or hostile towards others
Choice B - Uneducated or simple in mind
Choice C - Not keeping with standards of conduct
Choice D - Unmotivated or lazy in attitude


Indecorous (adjective) – not in good taste, or not keeping with standards of conduct; improper

GRE pro tips:

Behaving with decorum means behaving in good taste and with propriety (i.e.appropriateness). Since the prefix in- means “not,” it makes sense that the adjective indecorous applies to something (typically behavior) that lacks decorum, or that is NOT in good taste or lacks propriety. The adjective can be used to describe many specific behaviors – for instance, telling dirty jokes or clipping your toenails in a professional setting. However, indecorous could also be used to describe a person who behaves badly or even a whole region (e.g. a part of a city) that appears to lack propriety.

Example sentences:

“I could no longer live in such an indecorous corner of the city, where simple civility was the exception and not the rule”

“We all found her antics – walking around in her underwear and drinking beer at breakfast – to be indecorous and intolerable, especially in front of the children.”