“Chuck’s humdrum drumming just seemed to drag on forever. It was so humdrum that some of his friends fell asleep.”

As used above, what is the best definition of humdrum?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Loud and clangorous
Choice B - Quiet or hushed
Choice C - Pleasing to the ear
Choice D - Dull and boring


Humdrum (adjective)tedious and monotonous, or dull and boring

GRE pro tips:

Humdrum originally comes from the word “hum.” It’s easy to remember the word if you can associate it with really boring, monotone humming (humdrum humming) or really boring, monotone drumming (humdrum drumming). In conversation, the word humdrum could be used to describe something – such as a performance, lecture, book, or show – that is boring and dull. It can also describe activities – such as work tasks, or household chores – that someone finds tedious and monotonous. If simply hearing the prospect of something bores you, then it is surely humdrum.

Example sentences:

“I had to get out of that job before the humdrum work turned me into a zombie.”

“She thought the pianist was skilled, but I found his performance humdrum; he seemed only to play a variation of the same, lifeless tune.”