“Harold had always had a flair for the dramatic, but heralding his own arrival was a bit over the top – even for Harold.”

As used in the sentence about, what is the best definition of herald?

Check your answer!

Choice A - To be an over-the-top attention seeker
Choice B - To signal the approach of something
Choice C - To create a distraction from something
Choice D - To be named Harold


Herald (verb) – to bring news or announce; or, to greet or publicize enthusiastically; or, to signal the approach of something else

Herald (noun) – someone who brings news or tidings; a courier or messenger; or, a sign, indicator, forewarning

GRE pro tips:

Centuries ago, heralds served as messengers for monarchs and other aristocrats. They announced important news or official proclamations to the people. Likewise, today, the verb herald means “to bring news” or “to announce.” This is the reason that herald is in the name of many newspapers these days.

However, there are a few other subtly different meanings. The verb herald also means to greet enthusiastically; for instance, when you come home from college, your family might herald your triumphant return. Or, as a verb, herald can mean to signal the approach of something else. (For example, the first robin heralds the coming of spring.) Similarly, as a noun, a herald is a sign that indicates that the approach of something else. (A robin is a herald of springtime.)

Example sentences:

“Following the verdict, one of the prosecutors heralded the conviction as a victory in the war on drugs.”

“One of the roles of the circus announcer is to herald the names of the upcoming acts.”  

“The teens considered Memorial Day to be the herald of summer.”