“The parrot was trained well, perhaps too well; he became so grandiloquent that even his fellow birds were annoyed.”

Based on the sentence above, which definition most accurately describes grandiloquent?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Producing eloquent or pleasing speech or music
Choice B - Quarrelsome or antagonistic in communication
Choice C - Extravagant or lofty in speech or manner
Choice D - Enormous or vibrant in appearance


Grandiloquent (adjective) – extravagant, or lofty, in speech or manner, usually in order to impress

Grandiloquence (noun) – the condition of being grandiloquent; or puffed up with vanity

GRE pro tips:

You may have noticed that “grandiloquent” is similar to the more common word “eloquent.” Both words share the same Latin root: loqu, which means “to speak.” Someone who is eloquent uses articulate and graceful speech, whereas someone who is grandiloquent communicates through fancy or grand speech. The goal of an eloquent speech is, often, to move others emotionally. By contrast, the goal of a grandiloquent speech is to impress through lofty language.

Example sentences:

“To put it less charitably, he was self-serving, grandiloquent, and pompous to the point of grandiosity.”

“Although full of lofty language, the politician’s grandiloquent speech contained no new ideas.”