“The flutist flouts his responsibilities and plays the flute all day.”

Based on the above information, what is the best definition of flout?

Check your answer!

Choice A - To show contempt and disregard for something
Choice B - To show commitment and responsibility for something
Choice C - To behave disagreeably, in a loud way
Choice D - To play music beautifully, in general


Flout (verb) – to intentionally disobey rules, customs, or conventions; to show contempt and disregard

GRE pro tips:

The word flout was actually derived from the Middle English word flouten, meaning to play the flute. You can more easily remember flout by thinking of the flouting flutist. Imagine a flutist who flouts convention by blowing his flute or “hissing” at all other rules and responsibilities.

Example sentences:

“She openly flouted the dress code and frequently wore jeans and sandals.”

“The flutist flouts all real responsibility and plays the flute all day.”