“Beards are endemic among millennial men.”

Consider the information shown above, what is the best definition of endemic?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Going against the trends
Choice B - Common in a population
Choice C - Of a very short lived fad
Choice D - Associated with a disease


Endemic (adjective) – highly common in a particular population or place; native or peculiar to

GRE pro tips:

You may have seen the root demos in sociology class, specifically when learning about demographics – statistics used to assess the characteristics of a given population. The Latin word demos means “people” but it can also refer, more generally, to “populations.” Examples of words derived from this root include pandemic, which is used to describe something universal that affects all people (pan means “all”), as well as epidemic, which is used to describe something that descends upon a population in a wide-ranging and rapid manner (epi means “over” or “upon”).

Given that en is Latin for “in,” something that is endemic, is characterized by being highly common within a particular population. Endemic is a word often used in the medical and scientific communities – for instance, endemic diseases/conditions are confined to certain areas or regions, and some species are endemic to certain parts of the world. But the term can also be used to describe the peculiarities of an area or field – for example, some challenges are endemic to technology.

Example sentences:

“The public health organization focused its effort on eradicating the outbreak, which fortunately was endemic to just a small region on the state.”

“Sadly, drug use is endemic in the entertainment industry.”