“John F Kennedy is the president perhaps most regarded for his elocution.”

What is the best definition of elocution?

Check your answer!

Choice A - The ability to inspire others to action
Choice B - Speech that is overly lofty or aimed to impress
Choice C - The ability to speak clearly and articulately
Choice D - The quality or being highly regarded or adored


Elocution (noun) – the ability to speak clearly and articulately; the art of public speaking 

Elocutionist (noun) – a public speaker trained in voice and speech

Elocute (verb) – to speak expressively and articulately; to recite with clarity  

GRE pro tips:

You may have noticed that the word elocution looks a lot like eloquence. Both words share a common root: the Latin root loqu, which means “to speak.” Now, whereas eloquence refers to the graceful or beautiful quality of speech, elocution can either refer to the art of effective public speaking or to the ability to speak clearly and articulately. Likewise, an elocutionist refers to someone who speaks publicly (and usually describes someone highly trained in this art).

Of course, in order to truly excel in elocution (the art of public speaking), one must both possess elocution (the skill of clear speech) and be able to speak eloquently. John F Kennedy was a prime example of an elocutionist known for his eloquent elocution.

Example sentences:

“Before seriously considering a career as a becoming a radio host or news anchor, one should probably first possess the skill of elocution.”

“Since her childhood, she has been intrigued by elocution and has often imitated the voices and expressions of famous speakers.”