“The dogmatic dog just knows that Blue Deer is the best dog food. It’s not up for debate – no questions asked!”

Based on the sentence above, which definition most accurately describes dogmatic?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Expressing one’s opinions in a way that is humble and delicate
Choice B - Expressing one’s opinions in a way that is smart and convincing
Choice C - Holding to strong opinions while maintaining objectivity
Choice D - Holding to strong opinions as if they are facts


Dogmatic (adjective) – tending to express or hold very strong opinions, codes, or beliefs, as if they are unquestionably true; or, relating to dogma

GRE pro tips:

It is easiest to understand the word dogma and dogmatic in conjunction with one another. A “dogma” refers to an established opinion, code, or doctrine. Someone who is “dogmatic” will cling to existing dogmas (opinions, codes, or doctrines) and treat them as fact. Not only do they hold and express their views very strongly, dogmatic people are generally extreme in their views, and refuse to even consider ideas that are contrary to their own.

To better remember dogmatic, think of the dogmatic dog. The dogmatic dog just knows that his favorite brand, Blue Deer, is the best dog food ever made. It’s not even up for discussion – no questions asked!

Example sentences:

“His dogmatic views on programming prevent him from seriously considering alternative approaches.”

“After a few beers, Uncle Harry becomes quite dogmatic about politics.”