“The colluding cats carried out a crafty plan to have the dog sent out of the house.”

What is the best definition of collude?

Check your answer!

Choice A - To refuse to cooperate with others
Choice B - To put on a play or entertain, as a group
Choice C - To work together in order to deceive
Choice D - To cooperate for the purpose of self-defense


Collude (verb) – to cooperate secretly with the intention to defraud or deceive  

Collusion (noun) – secret cooperation in order to defraud or deceive

GRE pro tips:

If you simply look at its roots – col (“together”) and lud (“to play”) – collude means to play together. And while it is true that the “play” in collude can be taken to mean acting, there is very little sense of playfulness in the word collude. When two or more people collude, they act together to do defraud others or to perform illegal activities. For instance, two individuals may collude to frame a third, innocent party, or a company may collude with its competitors to illegally “fix prices” and increase profits. 

Example sentences:

“Government officials are often suspected of colluding with their financial supporters to place their interests ahead of those of the general population.”

“The colonel was arrested for high treason when it was discovered that he had colluded with the enemy.”