“The children greatly enjoyed starting their own marching band; unfortunately for their babysitter, the result was rather clangorous.”

Based on what is shown above, what is the best definition of clangorous?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Characterized exclusively by clanging sounds
Choice B - Loud and inharmonious in sound
Choice C - Pleasing and melodious to the ear
Choice D - Regular in rhythm


Clangorous (adjective) – full of loud banging, clanging, or inharmonious sounds; noisy and harsh; or, having a high sound volume

GRE pro tips:

You may notice that clangorous sounds like “clanging,” and the two words are similar. A clanging noise refers to a ringing noise (like the ringing of a bell) that is often high in pitch and rather harsh to the ear. Similarly, something that is clangorous is characterized by sounds that are harsh to the ear. However, “clangorous” applies more broadly to noise that that is generally inharmonious, clamorous, or loud, whether it is clanging, banging, or some other kind of noise. Examples of clangorous sounds include the sounds made by someone learning to play an instrument, the sounds of a busy household, or the sounds of a loud factory.

Example sentences:

“She couldn’t sleep due to the clangorous sounds of the city.”

“He made quite a clangorous effort to learn how to play percussion.”