“The brazen raisin shows no concern for the repercussions of his behavior.”

What is the best definition of brazen?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Wishing to inflict serious harm on others
Choice B - Lively and dynamic in personality
Choice C - Shamelessly or unapologetically bold
Choice D - Raw or in the most natural form


Brazen (adjective) – behaving boldly or shamelessly; or, made of brass, being the color of brass, or sounding harsh like struck brass

Brazen (verb) – to face a difficult or embarrassing situation with boldness (as commonly used in the phrase “brazen it out”)

GRE pro tips:

In Middle English, the word brazen meant “made of brass.” Likewise today, the adjective brazen can mean “made of” or “giving the appearance of brass,” or else “sounding harsh like struck brass.” And the phrase “brazen it out” means to face a difficulty without showing shame, i.e. maintaining a face like brass, or showing no emotion even in the face of hardships.

On the GRE, you’re most likely to encounter the adjective form of brazen, meaning  unapologetic or shamelessly bold. Again, in this sense, someone who is brazen has a face like brass (a shameless face), even when exhibiting bold or scandalous behavior. To better remember the word, perhaps think of the brazen raisin, who terrorizes the other raisins while exhibiting no emotion or shame.

Example sentences:

“As your roommate, I can no longer tolerate your brazen disregard for my space and privacy.”

“Mary couldn’t believe how brazenly the other students were discussing how they’d cheated on the last exam.”

“She decided to brazen it out and admit to what she had done.”