“The monk offered a benediction for those whose homes had been ravaged in the storm.”

What is the best definition of benediction?

Check your answer!

Choice A - A blessing or prayer
Choice B - A sacrifice or ritual
Choice C - A statement of atonement
Choice D - A punishment for wrongdoing


Benediction (noun) – a blessing or prayer; or, an expression of praise or good will

GRE pro tips:

The Latin root bene means “good” – it is the opposite of the Latin root male, which means “bad.” Examples of words derived from bene include benevolent, which means good-hearted and kind, and benign, which means harmless or gentle. Likewise, benediction literally means good diction, or good words, and can refer to a prayer, a blessing, or an expression of goodwill. It is the opposite of malediction, which refers to the expression of bad words – i.e. a hateful curse on someone else.

Example sentences:

“The acclaimed critic’s benediction was like music to the ears of the young literary critic.”

“Father Patrick delivered Sunday’s benediction.”