“Due to the pig’s avarice, no other animals were allowed to eat from the trough until he was good and full.”

According to what is shown above, what is the definition of avarice?

Check your answer!

Choice A - A hardy appetite
Choice B - A pig-like appearance
Choice C - A rude disposition
Choice D - Extreme greed


Avarice (noun) – an insatiable appetite for acquiring things, such as wealth or possessions; extreme greed, to the point of covetousness

Avaricious (adjective) – extremely greedy and covetous

Avaricious (noun) – a person who is consumed by avarice

GRE pro tips:

As you likely know, the word “greed” already has negative connotations. Well, the word avarice refers to extreme greed and is considered more despicable, even evil. Avarice comes from the Latin verb avēre, meaning “to crave,” and someone who shows avarice (or is avaricious) is covetous, selfish, and only motivated by personal gain, with no regard for the suffering of others. For the avaricious, possessing everything is never enough—they always crave more.

Example sentences:

“He should have been happy for his sister’s good fortune, but he was consumed by avarice, so he only wanted to make what was rightfully hers his own.”

“The avaricious can possess everything in the world—but it is never enough.”