“The dogs were always answerable to their owner. This time, they were also answerable for the mess that someone had made.”

What is the best definition of answerable?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Devious in behavior or personality
Choice B - Accountable to or responsible for something
Choice C - Being the most likely solution to a posed question
Choice D - Oblivious to or uncaring of someone else’s needs


Answerable (adjective) – accountable to or responsible for someone or something; or, able to be answered

GRE pro tips:

There are two distinct usages of “answerable” and either one could possibly appear on your GRE exam. In the easier, more predictable usage of the word, answerable simply means able to be answered. For instance, the question “How do I calculate the force of gravity?” is now answerable by science, but the question “What exactly is gravity” is not yet answerable.

However, answerable can also mean accountable to someone or something, as well as responsible for something. In other words, if you’re answerable to someone you must answer to that person; and if you’re answerable for something, you must answer for it. For instance, you might be answerable to a superior, or to a code of conduct that you’re expected to follow. Or, you might be answerable for decisions you’ve made in the past. As a CEO, for example, you would likely be answerable for a decline in your company’s performance.

Example sentences:

“His mother could not possibly be answerable for all the crimes he committed.”

“When you are in Italy, you are answerable to the Italian civil code.”

“Her assertion regarding hippo evolution is answerable now that scientists have uncovered new DNA evidence.”