“When the baby sitter fell asleep, the house descended into a state of anarchy.”

Based on the sentence above, which definition most accurately describes anarchy?

Check your answer!

Choice A - Disorder that is always associated with small children
Choice B - Chaos that is associated with the absence of authority
Choice C - Desire for attention from authority figures
Choice D - Loud and boisterous noise during naptime


Anarchy (noun) – a state of chaos associated with the absence of authority

Anarchist (noun) – a person who supports or tries to create anarchy

GRE pro tips:

You may recognize the root arch, which is common in words like monarchy, patriarchy, and anarchy. The Greek root arch means “rule.” Likewise, a monarchy is a kingdom ruled by one person and a patriarchy refers to something that is ruled by men. Because the Greek root an means “without,” it makes sense that the term anarchy refers to the absence of rule or order. Anarchy is used to describe the conditions of a society in which the government or ruling class has lost control. Or, it can be used to describe the general chaos resulting from the absence of authority and organization.

Example sentences:

“When the principle became ill, the school briefly descended into a state of anarchy.”

“The anarchy of the wild can be daunting to first time campers.”